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Around the world, one of the most popular watersports that transcend location, age, and culture is surfing. There are variations to surf culture worldwide, but the principle largely remains the same: getting out to the beach and enjoying the sun and water with other surfers.

While the exact origins of surfing are largely unknown, it generally traces back to Polynesian cultures where navigating shallow waters on top of board eventually turned to leisure activities. Young surfers in Southern California, however, are credited with popularizing surfing and a unique surfing culture, embraced by people all around the world living near coastlines. As an integral part in the growing-up of many young people from California, surfing and surf culture have been ways that connections to California have been spread around the world.

Australia has long been a haven for surfers from around the world, as have many destinations in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean. Even trends like urban surfing on the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago have begun to spread surf culture far beyond coastlines.