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Even bloggers admire each other for their creative drive and original ideas! Here are our top 3 people we think you’d enjoy:

1. A Broken Backpack: Melissa is a Canadian travel blogger who has been on the road since 2014! She holds plenty of resources for those who choose/need to travel cheaply. Currently staying in Thailand, it’s obvious that she visits all over the world! Her most popular platforms are Snapchat or Youtube where you can find past adventures of her either hitchhiking through SE Asia, or sharing her exciting travel stories. Melissa has been published on Huffington Post, Matador Network, Thought Catalog and so much more! She’s truly a female backpacker inspiration!

2. Drew Binksy: Drew has kept very busy visiting 153 countries since 2012 while working as a full-time video maker, travel blogger and content creator with over 1.7M social media followers and 400M video views. Two months after graduation, Drew packed up and set out for South Korea to become an English teacher! He neglected “The American Dream” in exchange for experiencing the entire world and all of its glory. He’s wildly popular on Snapchat by creating his own travel show. He works with several different brands and sponsors and is part of the GoPro Family. He also writes for Elite Daily as well as the Huffington Post.

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3. The Blonde Abroad: Keirsten is a California native who quit a career in finance to travel the world. She’s been traveling for 5 years and has already crossed 70 countries off her travel list with more in store! Keirsten works with top brands and sponsors from all over the globe and is also a good writer, content creator, and extremely talented in photography. She holds some epic girl power! As part of the GoPro Family, Keirsten has been featured on many other name brands such as Huffington Post, Forbes, Matador Network, and many more! Inspiring to say the least.

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