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“My name is Captain Charlie, I am the operations manager of San Diego Sailing Tours, and a team member of Seas Lyfe. I am originally from Northern California but moved to San Diego in 2002 when I was 22 years old. I came to San Diego for the warm weather, new surf spots, and the good-looking beaches. I worked the restaurant industry for six years, but got fed up with the repetition of the work and the meaningless connections that it that came along with it. After two years working the San Diego restaurant scene, I officially retired from the restaurant industry and got an introduction to the boating industry. My first job in the boating industry was at a small boat rental company here in San Diego. After working at the company for a couple months I began working towards my Captains License. The Captain that taught my captains license course took me under his wing and I soaked up as much knowledge from Captain Murphy as possible. Once I got my captains license I started driving wakeboard/wake surf boats, teaching sailing lessons, and running sailing charters. As my career path moved forward, I met Captain Mike and Captain Joey while working at another boat rental location. We grew closer and closer while working together and eventually they moved on to the next captain position available. This is how I found San Diego Sailing Tours; through the connections that I made with the people I have met exploring.

I now live with my girlfriend Cheyanne and my beagle in Pacific Beach, San Diego. Cheyanne is a certified yoga trainer, @happyhealthyexistence

I have a passion that has led me to the sea. Whether it is surfing, diving, or sailing—I enjoy the time on the water and in the water. I started surfing in Nor-Cal when I was 14 years old, immediately I was hooked. I found myself always searching for the next barrel and the next ride. San Diego has brought upon a lifestyle that I love and want to continue to live forever. Seas Lyfe, Life you find exploring—It speaks to me, my friends, and many others in the world. The life you find exploring, trying, and doing new things, changes you for the better. I have a passion to grow as a person through connections with other people in other places.”