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Lefkada is a Greek Island located in the Ionian Sea right off of the west coast of Greece, it is connected to the mainland by a long causeway and floating bridge. the main town and seat of municipality on the island is Lefkada which is on the northern part of the island about an hour away from the airport. In total, Lefkada measures about 35 kilometers (22 miles) from north to south and 15 kilometers (9 miles) from east to west.

Lefkada, Eptanisa

The highest point of Lefkada is the mountain Stavrota, which juts up about 1,158 meters (3,799 feet) above sea level and is situated in the middle of the island. This island is riddled with tourist attractions, for example, the entire east coast section of the island has resorts lined up and down with the largest resort, Nidri, north of all the resorts. There is also a windsurfing center that sits about 12 miles south of Nidri.

Lefkada is known for having a very typical Mediterranean climate with a lot of hot summers and cool winters being multiplied in the mountains. There are many myths that surround this absolutely gorgeous island with most all of them stemming from Ancient Greek mythology. This is definitely an island to come visit by boat if possible; there is so much to do and experience on this island.

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