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clear plastic bottle in body of water

When most people think of polluted oceans, they typically think of a careless citizen intentionally leaving their soda cans in the sand or, a lazy fisherman throwing his cigarette butt off the boat while out at sea. Shockingly, 80% of trash in the ocean is blown from places like the streets, trash cans, sewers, and/or directly into the ocean! Just think about all the overflowing trash cans you pass by each day. Where does it all truly go? Although its nice to think that whatever we put in the trash will immediately disappear when we’re done with it, that is not the truth.

photo of coconut tree near seashore


So how do we fix it? How can we trust what we put in our garbage cans, will be safely disposed? Not everyone can stalk their garbage man, but what we can do is make sure what we throw away, stays away. Keep trash safely secured next to you while you’re at the beach and encourage others to do the same! Other ways to help would be reusing and recycling as many materials as you can. We have the power to create change when others won’t.











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