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Climate change is the biggest environmental concern of our lifetime. As the promises of global climate change are taking place, we need to broadcast the danger and importance of keeping our planet clean and green. This contest is an opportunity for young adult artists and activists who are concerned about the future of our natural communities to use their creative voices to learn, express, and advocate for issues related to climate change and our polluted oceans. Our ocean is facing real and imminent threats today; due to our extensive history of careless ocean damage. Every action—or lack thereof—now impacts our future on this planet. The effects of climate change are not something that will happen to our children’s children, it’s happening now. What else do we have to lose, and what can we gain from learning from our past and taking steps now to create a sustainable future?

Painting, Acrylic Paint, Background, Abstract, Painter

GOAL: “Create a piece about a coastal/marine species, place, or system that will be threatened, altered, or lost due to climate change. Climate change requires that we think about the past, present, and future simultaneously.”

Boy, Guitar, Sitting, Outdoors, Insturment, Music


Junior Division (ages 11-14) 

$1,000 – Golden Award

$750 – Silver Award

$250 – Bronze Award

$100 – Honorable Mention

Senior Division  (ages 15-18)

$1,500 – Gold Award

$1,000 – Silver Award

$500 – Bronze Award

$250 – Honorable Mention

(All students must also provide the contact information of an adult sponsor (teacher, parent, mentor, etc.). Students may also participate as individuals or a group of any size.)

As a winner, you may be gifted a special opportunity to showcase your talents worldwide! This will further raise awareness of our ocean conservation issues to reach a bigger community! This is seriously made for you to get involved and creative! As part of Bow Seat’s student collection, your creative piece will help educate and inspire audiences to take ownership for their impact on our environment, and recycle it into action! So gather all your paint, papers, and guitar picks, because its time to be inventive!

























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