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Traveling around the world and learning about new cultures is usually the best selling point for a foreign exchange student. However, as shiny and exciting as the deal is, there are some hidden surprises that can either make or break your experience.



Studying abroad will open your mind to the world around you. There is such diversity in regards to your new surroundings, culture, and educational systems wherever you go!  Once you’ve arrived in a new country, you’ll be surrounded by a new language. Depending on your experience with the language, it might take some time to get used to, but its all a part of the journey! You will make new friends who are also in the exact situation which is one of the biggest rewards. Making friends who have similar goals in life and meeting locals who know all about the place you’ll be living is the best thing to focus on early on. As you begin to start school, you’ll so realize that cultures, for a fact, have their distinct differences. This benefits you by acquiring new experiences that people back home wouldn’t normally get.



Most of the downsides of studying abroad come from keeping mental hardships intact. Homesickness is one of the major issues when living away from home. Although you may be surrounded by people, the loved ones you’ve come to appreciate aren’t as close to you as usual so it can begin to pick away at you. Best things to do are to make new friends to keep you company and keeping in touch with your family back home. While traveling in a new country is always exciting, living in one can become more of a challenge. There is an abundance of new customs, religious beliefs, and that can be unknown to the typical outsider so make sure to encourage others to educate/correct you when you make a mistake and be open towards learning new things!


All-in-all, being able to explore a new place you’ve always heard about is nothing short of rewarding. Now it’s your decision to make. Is it worth it?


















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