Image credit: Mackenzie Gerringer, University of Washington.

He might not be easy on the eyes, but this fish has made history. About 27,000 feet down in the Pacific Oceans Marina Trench you might find this 2-4 inch sea creature called the Pseudoliparis swireiIt might seem small, but from what we’ve learned, this fish dominates as the top predator of its underworld. It’s still impossible to dive down to its level, but after sinking traps for four hours to reach this fishes coordinates, scientists were able to access extremely valuable information.

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Very little is known about fish that can survive and thrive under such extreme water pressure. Researcher Dr. Mackezie Gerringer, at the University of Washington, stated,  “This is the deepest fish that’s been collected from the ocean floor, and we’re very excited to have an official name.” During their research in 2014 and 2017, scientists collected 37 specimens of the Marina snailfish ranging between 22,600 – 26,200 feet along the trench. They used DNA analysis and a variety of 3D scanners to examine the skeletal structure and genetic makeup of this discovered new species.

Up until today, marine biologists from the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology have recorded the Psudoliparis swirei swimming at depths of 26,831 feet, the deepest sighting so far. They don’t have any predators to worry about since they’re at the top and can thrive in an extreme environment perfectly well.

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