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Sadly, summer can’t last forever, but have no fear because winter is here! Celebrate by hitting one or all of the top three surf spots in southern Cali!


1.  Black’s Beach: San Diego, CA

Black’s Beach is a 2-mile-long strip of sand famous for its amazing wave production on the southern end. It is one of the most mighty surf breaks in Southern California thanks to the underwater canyon called Scripps Canyon, which allows the waves to grow in size and power before breaking. Finding the perfect surf spot can also be affected by your level of experience with surfing. Due to the advanced waves and often aggressive crowds, Black’s is a dangerous surfing location and should only be explored by experienced surfers. This beach is also one of California’s largest nude beaches, so… be warned.

2. Oceanside Harbor: Oceanside, CA

Oceanside is referred to as “one of Southern California’s most consistent surf spots…,” in the Encyclopedia of Surfing. Surfing also extends to many angles of the community which include an abundance of local surf shops, surf instructors and even custom surfboards! No wonder its home to countless professional surfers. Over 3.5 miles of beaches rest in Oceanside, so there are plenty of spots to check out. The harbor, pier area, and surrounding beach breaks are great places to start. You can find something to surf at all times throughout the year.


3. Huntington Beach: Orange County, CA

A.K.A Surf City USA, Huntington Beach is the ultimate surf spot for all. It has perfectly constructed waves all year-round (ranging 3ft. – 12ft.) so anyone can join in on the fun. Both sides of the pier guarantee rideable waves, and even though it’s almost always crowded, you’ll never go home empty-handed. Huntington Beach has developed its own popularity throughout the years as it is the Annual World Surfing Championships spot. Being one of the most consistent breaks in SoCal, it provides the perfect wave for anyone and everyone!






























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