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How is it that we barely know anything about the deep sea? There’s an entire world below us taking up 95% of the Earths living space and we’ve just started to explore it! Travel 13,000 feet down and the temperature is practically freezing, thanks to there being absolutely no sunlight. It might not sound like an ideal living space for us humans, but there is an extraordinary variety of life down there just waiting to be discovered!photography of body water

Now, before you go out and buy all your scuba gear, not even the professionals can go down that far. They currently use modern technology as their eyes and what they’ve seen is revolutionary. Many of these species look like aliens to us, but the reality is they are perfectly crafted for their way of life. Some have either extremely wide or long eyes to see the minimal light given. Others carry giant mouths to catch anything in their path. Most of all, the vast supply of species with transparent bodies is the most interesting factor, allowing them to blend into the dark waters around them. Over 5,000 brand new species have already been discovered and it’s estimated that they’ve only scratched the surface of whats truly living down there.

white and blue jellyfish swims under water

Initially, scientists believed that life could not survive long-term without light. Now they know that even though there’s an extreme lack of light, these creatures can still thrive. Creatures such as fish, microorganisms in hydrothermal vents, a variety of deep-sea coral, and many other unnamed, taboo animals. The deep oceans harsh conditions make it more of a challenge to explore, but that just encourages scientists to go back and discover more each time.















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